Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mail Away Powerdashers Review

I decided to review the Powerdashers next.
There is nothing too special about these guys, they are extremely weak toys, very inexpensive and pretty common. Despite the only way you could get these was mailing in your robot points (and usually, mail away items are EXPENSIVE) these guys are easy to find. Even now, you should easily be able to get a set for $40 or less. So, why did I want to do a review on these guys and why do I actually like them so much? If you want to find out.........you could just skip to the last few pics here. Or, you could read the whole thing!

I'll do the car first. Obvious spot where the diaclone driver should go. Nice little bit of chrome on the feet and head. Like the other three, he has a sticker for a face. Of the three, I like his face the most.He's an odd little guy, but he works well. 

The jet is the one I had as a kid. Sadly, he is my least favorite of the three (usually, if I had them as a kid I like em MORE then the others) He has a very nice looking sticker head, but his feet..........ugh, this guy has the WORST balance of any G1. I would like this guy a lot more if he didn't fall down on me all the time. He really isn't that bad looking! Lots of chrome  and he looks nice in both modes. 

The drill. A very solid looking toy actually. Pretty derpy face, but a very solid toy. He does have the most arm and leg movement of all three. He also looks like a powerhouse next to the others. He's much more "beefy". My only main gripe, in robot mode it looks like his legs are backwards!!!
Ok, and now the reason I like these three so much..........Them sealed in their bags!!!!

While not overly impressive at all, it took me YEARS to track down all three. The jet I've owned 2 and seen a 3rd for sale. The other two, I've only seen the two that I own. Now, I know there have got to be more out there, I've just never seen others for sale. Very simple plastic bags with some red writing on the back. But this set of three hold a very special place in my heart and it's not often you can see all three sealed in one spot. I've actually made quite a few posts in the past with these three. I love mailaway exclusives in general. Just the fact that it took me so long to find them, I love these little guys!!!


  1. I've never been a fan of these guys. They're going to be the only holes in my G1 collection. Still, I admire the fact that you got sealed specimens!

    1. Yea, they're not exactly a highlight of the G1 line. If it weren't for the sealed versions, I really wouldn't care much myself!