Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rock Lord / Machine Robo Fossile Lord review

So, I got this guy a couple months ago. While not a transformer, he is still pretty damn cool and he still doesn't come up very often.

When I first collected Rock Lords (back in 2010 I sold my collection) this guy always eluded me. When I sold my collection, obviously I stopped looking. A couple months ago though, I decided I missed them and wanted to re-build my Rock Lord collection. Lucky me, I found a guy selling and snatched him up!

Now, he's not a real "rock lord" figure. He was never released in the US, only in Japan and Europe. Even there, he was not in the "Rock Lord" line. He was however used in the Gobots Battle of the Rock Lords Movie here in the he's considered an honorary Rock Lord toy! There are mock-up shots of him in US packaging (both MOSC and MIB) so if the line had lasted longer, he would have been official.

See here - - for the only pic I could find of the US non-release.

He consists of 4 robots. None of them have an alt form, just robot mode and then the combined form. Each comes with their own gold gun for robot mode.

When you combine them all, you can either combine him with no add-ons....

Or you can put on all the extra armor and weapons that he came with. Looks MUCH nicer this way.

I must say, while he is a very nice toy......I just don't like him as much as I thought I would. I think the lack of individual transformations detracts from the toy. They look very cool on their own and look very nice when combined..........but I'll probably wind up selling this guy some day.

And just to show, here's the Rock Lord (carded/boxed at least) collection I've managed to get in the past couple months. I don't want the whole run, just the "normal" US ones. Series 1-3. So as of now, only 8 to go!

Anyone knows someone who has US versions that I DON'T have, let me know! Or if someone has US versions of Spearhead, Saberstone or Flamestone and wants to trade for the Euro versions, let me know that too :)


  1. He looks much better with the armor. Rock Lords were always pretty cool, IMO. It's been a long time since I've seen them packaged!

  2. He does look a LOT better with the armor. Rock lords were a dumb idea (I love them.......but come on. They transform into a rock!) but the quality of them is amazing! Tonka did a very nice job with them. And it's nice since *most* of them are still pretty cheap. Even sealed you won't break the bank.

  3. Still kicking myself for selling this guy. Best $100 I ever spent at Botcon (1999?).